Ice Show Groups

Groups for the Ice Show are finalized in December when registration closes and costumes are ordered. Skaters are grouped based on their skating level as of the start of the Winter session. They will be with similarly-leveled peers, so the coaches can create a program that is just right for their abilities! We do not change group assignments after they’ve been set.


Rehearsals take place during the same block of ice time as our lessons: Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings to early afternoon. We do our best to schedule each group’s rehearsal time as close as possible to their usual lesson time. In January, each family will receive an information packet that includes the full rehearsal schedule.

Regular attendance at ice show rehearsals is critical. Unlike lessons, these rehearsals are for learning choreography, and every skater is important to the whole group! There are only five practices, 45 minutes each, to learn the program. So it’s even more important that skaters be present every week, and ready to hit the ice as soon as their practice starts. Each group will have its own coach teaching them their routine. Our youngest skaters may also have a few graduate volunteers to help them out.

Dress Rehearsal

Attendance at dress rehearsal is mandatory. It typically takes place the Wednesday afternoon/evening before the Ice Show (check your rehearsal packet for exact time and date). Skaters should arrive in their show costume, with hair and makeup done as appropriate. Each group will take photos (group and individual), run through their program twice, and run through the show’s finale. When all three of those tasks are complete, skaters are welcome to leave! We try too keep things moving and get everyone out as quickly as possible. Your show packet will have more detailed information.