It’s Time for the Show!

There are two performances of the Ice Show, and skaters are required to participate in both performances. Show weekend is typically the first weekend in April, with performances on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Skater Arrival

Skaters should arrive at the Ice Palace, fully ready with their costume and any make-up, an hour before the show. This means 6pm for the Saturday show and 1pm for the Sunday show. Each group is assigned a locker room. Parents should escort their skater to the locker room, check them in with the Show Supervisor for their group, help get their skates on, and then wave goodbye! It gets too crowded if parents hang out in the locker rooms. If you are concerned that your child may have a hard time separating from you, we recommend volunteering to be their group’s supervisor!

During the Show

Shortly before the show begins, we escort all of the skaters to the far end of the bleachers so they can watch all of the performances while they wait for their own! Many skaters wear fuzzy bathrobes over their costumes to stay warm. And don’t forget the hard skate guards! Parent volunteers will be sitting with the skaters and will help them get on and off the ice when it’s their turn. If you are not one of our parent volunteers (and why aren’t you??), please just settle into your own seats to watch the show and do not come over to the skaters’ section. It is disruptive for the skaters and the other audience members.

Mini Finale

We schedule our littlest skaters (typically Snowplow through Basic 3) during the first half of the show. They participate in their own “mini finale” right before intermission, and then we dismiss them to their parents. While they are welcome to sit with their families to watch the second half of the show, many of our younger skaters head home at intermission on Saturday night so they can get to bed and be refreshed for the next day!


Skaters love getting flowers at the Ice Show! We will have individual flowers and small bouquets available for sale in the lobby, or you are welcome to bring your own flowers. You can hand them to our flower staff and we will be sure to distribute them to the skaters in time for the finale.

Please note that, since the skaters will have the flowers in their arms while skating around the rink for the finale, gigantic arrangements are not a good idea. We don’t want our little skaters overwhelmed by bouquets that are bigger than they are! Smaller bunches are better, especially since some kids get flowers from more than one friend or family member.