Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2022 BHSA Winter Skate Competition!

You can download the competition announcement to see a full list of events and requirements.

Every January, Burlington Skating hosts a Compete USA skating competition, the Winter Skate! It is a wonderful introduction to competitive skating for all levels! Several events are offered. Is this your first competition? Learn more below!

This Competition is for everyone!

This is a wonderful, low-pressure introduction to the world of competitive figure skating. In each event, skaters are placed into small groups based on skating level and age, enabling everyone to skate their best and earn a medal. Following is a brief description of the most frequently offered events, but check each year’s competition announcement for complete details. Not sure what to do? Ask your coach!

Snowplow Sam through Basic 6 Elements

This event asks skaters to skate individual skills, one at a time, at the direction of a coach or judge on the ice. Specific skills are listed in the competition announcement.

Pre-Free Skate through Free Skate 6 Compulsory

In this event, skaters perform a set of required elements in the form of a short program with a few steps connecting each element. No music is played.

Snowplow Sam through Free Skate 6 Program with Music

Skaters plan out an individual routine, set to music, that includes a required set of elements determined by their skating level. These programs have a time limit, depending on the level. Skaters interested in performing a program with music should seek out private lessons with a coach to help choreograph the program and ensure it meets all of the competition requirements.

Excel and Well-Balanced Events, Team Events, and more

Some years we are able to offer even more events! Consult the most recent competition announcement for specific offerings. Your coach will help determine which would be most appropriate for your skater.