Measuring for Costumes

Your Ice Show registration fee includes a costume for your skater! Beginning in early December, we will set up shop in the Ice Palace to measure every skater for their costume. We usually order all of the costumes before Christmas, but believe it or not, some won’t arrive for many weeks! That’s why we have to close registration as early as we do; otherwise we might not get their costumes in time for the show!

What does my costume look like?

Our coaches and staff select the costumes for each group, doing our best to make them appropriate for the music, the ice, and most importantly, the skaters.

One of the more anticipated moments of our skating year is when the Ice Show groups, songs, and costumes are revealed in January! When we return from winter vacation, we put up a poster in the lobby of the Ice Palace that will show all of the groups, their members, their music, and a picture of their costume.

But won’t my skater be cold?

Unfortunately, most of our skating show costumes are not long-sleeved! Don’t worry: many of our younger skaters choose to wear a skin-colored long-sleeved leotard under their costumes for a little extra warmth. We also encourage them to all bring blankets, bathrobes, and handwarmers to keep nice and comfortable while they’re waiting to perform!

When do I get my costume?

The short answer is: as soon as they arrive! We will distribute costumes as we are able. Some may arrive quickly while others will not come until late February or even March. We stay on top of the orders and make sure everyone will have a costume in time for the show.

When you get your costume, please make sure you:

  • Try it on right away! Some costumes may fit better with minor alterations, and those are the responsibility of the individual skater. But if a costume is dramatically the wrong size, please alert the staff immediately so we can try to get a replacement.
  • Put it away somewhere safe. Once you know the costume fits, please store it carefully, along with any accessories that might have come with it, until the dress rehearsal and the show. Our younger skaters sometimes enjoy using their costumes for dress-up play, and our older skaters may even re-use a costume for a later competition or performance! But please, not until after the show.

What about hair and make-up?

As the dress rehearsal nears, each group will get specific instructions with regard to hairstyles. Most often, these are a high curly ponytail, a bun, or even braids. Please do your best to style your skater’s hair as requested. It looks so great as a group!

A little bit of make-up looks good on the ice. Some lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow or mascara make a bigger difference than you think! That said, we do not generally have specific make-up requirements, so please do what is best for your skater.