Group (Learn-to-Skate & Figure Skating) Lessons Include 50 minutes of instruction.
Unlike some programs we do not split your child's lesson into free skating time and an instructional period. Our 50 minute lesson periods for beginners is 50 minutes of lesson time. 25 minutes is spent receiving instruction with a PSA professional instructor. Another 25 minutes is spent practicing and receiving tutoring with the help of our advanced level skaters. Our graduate volunteers are young adults who have completed the Basic Skills Program and have become wonderful role models for our newer skaters.

BHSA's entire lesson period is spent helping your child reach the next level of the Basic Skills Program. Program levels (Snowplow 1-3, Basic Skills 1-8 and Free Skate 1-6) are described in the Basic Skills Record Book .  Graduate levels are Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Registration includes your child's USFS membership. Upon joining BHSA's Basic Skills Program they'll receive...
- USFS Basic Skills membership card
- Basic Skills Record Book
- Official Basic Skills member patch
- Annual & year patch (2011, 2012 etc..)
- Sports accident insurance coverage, through the USFSA
- General information about ice skating (via our e-mail list)

A few items to note... Helmets are required for all skaters up to and including Basic 3. Although, not required beyond Basic 3 they are certainly encouraged. Bicycle helmets (only if fit properly) are allowed, but we recommend skate/rollerblade helmets. Skaters should wear comfortable layers of clothing and keep a spare pair of dry gloves in their skate bags.